How To Make Passport Size Photo

How To Make Passport Size Photo

Today we will tell you how to make passport size photo . As we know passport size photo is important . This photo size use in many gov issued documents such as ID card etc . There are many software to edit photos on your PC , but we recommend to Install Photoshop 7 . Photoshop provide all useful tools and features which you need . We can set our Picture brightness , contrast & situation etc .

You can make your passport size photo by follow these simple step .

First of you need to Download & install Photoshop 7 on you PC or laptop .

Step 1

Run Photoshop 7 software .

Step 2 

Now open a photo which need to make passport size . To open click File > Open and select Photo . Use shortcut key Ctr + O .Watch This Video To Learn How To Make Passport Size Photo

Step 3

In step 3 you need to change original background of your Photo . Select magic tool from tools section .

Step 4

After select magic tool now click on photo background and press delete button from keyboard . Magic tool is used for select same color , so select every color past of photo background and delete it . If background color of photo is same it can easy remove by just one click .

how to make passport size photo

Step 5

When you deleted all background color then create new file just press Ctrl + N and a windows will appear . Now select 4 x 6 size for new file .

Step 6

Resize your photo and crop it to set desired area . To crop your Photo click on crop tool from tools section in left sidebar of Photoshop .

Press right click from mouse &  click on crop when you have done selection process .

Changing & Set Blue Background color

Resizing Done ! Select your photo background through magic tool .

Now select bush tool and select blue color from color section as we mentioned in picture below .


Now use brush at all background of photo to make blue background color .

Almost Done . You can select and deselect photo through Ctrl + A press again to deselect .

Step 7

In step 7 select photo by pressing Ctrl + A and cut it by press Ctrl + X from keyboard . Now you need to paste this photo on 4 x 6 file which you created recently . You can paste it 6 time on 4 x 6 page size . Do not paste 6 time at once , first resize and select its correct place then press again Crtl + V for paste . To resize your photo press Ctrl + T from keyboard . When you resize image you need to apply all changes . To apply all changes select brush tool a windows will appear that will ask for apply change then click on apply . After applying change then press again Ctrl + V to paste again photo . repeat this procedure six time .

Final Step

All steps all completed now its time to save your photo and print it . Printer cannot print Photoshop file so you need to save it as jpeg file extention which printer support and easily print you photo . We hope after reading all information you will come to know how to make passport size photo .


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