How To Improve Your Android Phone Speed

Improve Your Android Phone Speed

Your Android phone probably seemed fast when you first bought it . Particularly if you update the operating system or add a lot of apps . It will seemed to be slow working . Today  we will give you complete guide to improve your android phone speed . There is a lot of factors which effects your mobile performance .

improve your android phone speed

1 . Free Some Storage

Storage of your Android mobile directly impact your device speed . Free some space and move data to secondary storage . Check your download folder and remove un useful files and folder . Disable useless apps just goto settings tap on application manager and select app which you want to disable or force stop .


improve your android phone speed

Clear The Cache

Go to the phone setting and open storage section and clear storage . It will free space in Primary storage and boost your mobile performance . Some application use cache to store data so clear cache memory .

Update System Software

Some devices need to update their software and it may cause slow down your phone . Check for new available software updates and install latest version . Old version of software cannot run some apps and function in your Android phone .

Check Which Apps Are Power Hungry

Check and monitor which apps use the most battery power . Open the phone setting > battery to see . Be aware of which apps use the most RAM ( Random Access Memory (usually in Settings > Apps or Apps Manager, depending on the device) .

Install Apps that Boost Android Speed

Install Applications that analyze and remove duplicated files or folder that use memory and slow down your Android phone performance . Some popular Apps which used to boost phone speed are listed below .

  • Greenify – stops background apps from draining the battery
  • File Commander – displays an overview of storage and identifies the categories that are using the most storage: Videos, Music, Pictures or Downloads.
  • SD Maid – includes four individual tools—CorpseFinder, System Cleaner, App Cleaner, and Databases—each of which handles a different job. There are also tools for locating and deleting duplicate files .

Low Storage Or RAM

If your Android phone has low storage or RAM (Random Access Memory ) then it may cause slow of your device and not be able to run multiple Apps at one time . Storage of phone directly effects your mobile performance and working speed . The processor & RAM are most important things that help you to speed up your Phone .

Last Option

If all these options fail and your mobile running slow then you have last option to reset factory settings . When you reset your phone all data such as photos , videos and other files will removed , So backup your data before reset factory settings . Follow these easy steps depending on your phone or tablet to reset your phone Open Settings > Backup & Reset > Reset Factory Settings . Make sure phone battery is charged at least 25 % before do this .

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