Cryptomator Mac 1.5.7 – Download

Keep your files safe yet easily accessible by encrypting them with the AES algorithm, regardless of the cloud storage solution you are using

What's new in Cryptomator 1.5.7:

  • Added new “Automatic” theme on macOS, which automatically uses the same light/dark appearance as the system (#1290)
  • Added new actions for missing vaults (#1262)
  • Fixed blank “Volume Type”, when FUSE/Dokany was missing (#1267)
  • Fixed regression, mount name of added vaults will now be set to the directory name instead of “Vault”

Read the full changelog

Cryptomator offers you the possibility to protect your files even if you use cloud storage solutions by encrypting them with the AES algorithm.

The Cryptomator app is using a transparent encryption method to avoid complicated workflows: you get to create vaults that you can mount and use like any USB drive.

Encryption utility that protects your data from prying eyes

Once you add a file in one of the Cryptomator vaults, the app encrypts the file content, while the file size and the folder structure are obfuscated.

At the same time, you are advised to use passphrases instead of simple passwords: brute force attempts will be countered by using scrypt.

However, since Cryptomator is designed to work with files stored in the cloud, the utility will not encrypt the file’s modification date, which is necessary for the synchronization process.

Works with any cloud storage solutions or even locally

Whenever you define a new vault, Cryptomator prompts you for a name and the output location. You can choose directories that remain only on your drive, or you can opt for folders that will be synchronized to the cloud.

Note that Cryptomator can work with any cloud service: just put the vault in the appropriate directory. At the same time, Cryptomator encrypts each file individually, which means that the cloud synchronization tool will upload only the vault modifications.

Worth mentioning is that Cryptomator does not remember your vaults between sessions: the window is blank on each relaunch, and you can either create new vaults, or open already defined ones by providing the correct path and passkey.

Open source file encryption solution designed to work in the cloud

Cryptomator aims to provide an additional layer of security for files stored online, but can also work with local resources.

During our tests on a 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo iMac with 6GB RAM running on El Capitan, Cryptomator did not require too many resources.

Unfortunately, the Finder app seemed to become irresponsive whenever working with a vault, even if it included only a small text file. This, in turn, rendered the entire operating system unresponsive.

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