Download Angry Birds Open-Level Editor 1.9 Build 102 / 1.9 Build 797 Beta

Create custom levels for Angry Birds so you can challenge your friends or family using this simple and straightforward application

What's new in Angry Birds Open-Level Editor 1.9 Build 797 Beta:

  • Added components for zooming and moving canvas
  • Improved Summary dialog

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Featuring stunning graphics and a neat game mechanism, there is no wonder why Angry Birds is played by millions worldwide. From numerous rewards from level mastery, character and slingshot leveling and progress based prizes to mini games and randomized floors, all these features may justify the 200 million minutes of game play each day.

Nonetheless, in this amazing world of flying birds and piglets, some may feel that they never got the chance to determine how the pigs are set up. Angry Birds Open-Level Editor

is an app designed to change all that and provide you with a way to create your own levels.

Add the desired items where you want via a simple table UI

The setup is straightforward, but you need to pay a little attention to the other tools that the app wants to install. While you can skip the .NET Framework, you may want to install Awesomium SDK for optimal performance.

Once launched, the interface consists of a table where you can simply add, edit and delete various items. You can choose between all the typical items you commonly find in an Angry Birds level, including all the birds and pigs along with stone and light blocks.

You can add an item by selecting it from the Definition drop down menu, specifying a name and ID (both optional) and setting a position for it. To check out your progress, you can access the Preview window, which according to the developer also generates your level.

Check out how everything is set up with the Preview window

While you may argue that the randomized floor provides different settings of the same level, the truth is that you get a different layout when you decide to play a level twice. Therefore, the difference between the app and the randomized level is considerable since you can decide on every single item to be added.

If you are passionate about Angry Birds and would like the chance to create levels to challenge your loved ones or yourself, then perhaps you can consider giving Angry Birds Open-Level Editor a try.

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