Download Google Editor for Docs, Sheets & Slides 1.1.6

This simple extension will help you navigate much faster to the Google document suite, including Google Drive and all the stored files you have in there

With Google Editor for Docs Sheets & Slides, you can start writing, editing and seeing your Google Drive files with the help of a simple click. This means you will become more productive and, generally speaking, are going to have a much more organized workflow. This extension adds somewhat simple functionality to the browser, but it does also enhance ease of access to certain Google tools.

Access everything with just one click

You can access all Google text editing apps and Google Drive with a simple click. You can access the extension's interface right next from the address bar in the browser.

A menu will open up and will let you chose the app or program you need to open. It helps you be more productive as a result of how fast you can access these otherwise difficult to launch apps.

The interface is simple but effective

With add-ons like these, one expects a small and clean interface. The Google Editor for Docs Sheets & Slides does not disappoint. It works flawlessly, and the loading time after launching the applications it transitions to is very quick.

You will feel how much continuous your work is, simply because this extension brings a couple of shortcuts closer to you for access. Lastly, the interface integrates well with the browser's UI. The feeling you get is of having things handed to you on a silver platter, and it really does feel like this is the purpose of this add-on at its core.

The Google Editor for Docs Sheets & Slides is a welcomed extension in anyone's browser. It is small and hard to notice, very good at what it is supposed to be doing and at the same time much easier to use than your traditional means of transitioning to certain Google-related apps.

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