Duolingo 4.75.3 APK Download

Learning a new language is not as difficult as people might think, and this is where Duolingo comes into play. Users are encouraged to learn with the help of a game-like strategy, taunting people to become better and to improve themselves.
The application offers a large selection of languages that can be learned, but there are also a few extra options that might not be obvious from the start. This application is not dedicated to English users only, which means that you can learn German if you speak French. The exercises change to accommodate your language.
Everything is separated in small lessons that can start from 5 minutes if you’re really busy. Just answer the few questions you’re being asked and pronounce words correctly. It’s that easy. You’ll be speaking your favorite language in no time.

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  • Learn a new language with ease
  • Solve exercises to get points
  • Become better with each new exam 

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