MEGA Mac 3.100.2 – Download

Companion Chrome extension for the Mega online storage solution that aims to improve the security and and performance level while using the service

MEGA is an online storage service that offers you the possibility to setup an account free of charge, even though you can also opt for a paid subscription plan if you want more storage space.

The MEGA Chrome extension delivers streamlined access to the service while working in the background the increase the file transfer time and the security level.

Companion Chrome extension vetted by the MEGA developers

Take into account that the MEGA Chrome extension can be installed via the Chrome Store page, like any other add-on, but you can also download the .crx file directly from the developer’s website.

In both cases, the MEGA icon will be placed next to the Chrome address bar, and you need to go through the associated menu to launch the MEGA web application in a new tab.

Worth mentioning is that the MEGA extension does not come with other options: if you want to navigate to the service in the host browser on your own, you can hide the MEGA icon altogether without losing on functionality.

Improve the data transfer time and make sure the communication channel is secure

Most of the MEGA capabilities work in the background to ensure a better user experience while using the MEGA service in the Chrome browser. Even though you will interact with the web interface, as usual, you will notice that the loading together with the download and upload times are reduced.

Moreover, the add-on will capture all the MEGA URLs and make sure that there are no JavaScripts tools launched from the server. These measures are intended to also increase the security level while using the service.

To sum up, the MEGA Chrome extension ensures the best experience if you plan to connect to and interact with the MEGA online storage service via the browser.

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