SpotAngels 8.8.2 APK Download

We’re so used with applications that show us the quickest way to work or how to get to a new place, and we don’t really think on what we’re doing with the car when we get to our destination. SpotAngels wants to fix this problem by allowing users to report free parking space and use find empty parking spaces.
The same way apps like Waze make use of community data, SpotAngels tries to do the same thing. The application offers details about parking garages and prices, not to mention that it also indicates where you’re likely to find street parking based on where drivers of the community previously parked.
The app also displays various parking deals available at any time, where to park to avoid street cleaning or alternate side parking, and shows the access for parking permits. SpotAngels also remembers where you parked your car.


  • Know everything about parking spaces and prices
  • Find available street parking
  • Remember where
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