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Beautifully designed translation tool that provides support for more than 20 different languages, and helps you memorize new words

Troga is a user-friendly translation tool that integrates perfectly with your Mac’s desktop thanks to its stylish design. The app provides support for more than 20 different languages, and can even help you memorize new words.

Unsophisticated yet very efficient translation application that works right out of the box

The Troga user interface consists of a single window where you must input the words you want to translate. From a small panel, you can choose the target languages, and specify the translation direction.

The main area is separated into two main sections, one for displaying the translations history, and the latter for showing the translation details. Note that Troga can translate only single words, and cannot work with expressions.

Translate words, view the phonetical translation, and even hear the pronunciation

Within the Troga main window, if you are translating terms from English into other languages, you will be able to view the word’s phonetical translation together with the audio pronunciation.

For the other languages, you are only able to hear the audio pronunciation for the translated term. Noteworthy is that Troga provides quite accurate pronunciation audios.

By default, Troga records only word translations, but via the Preferences you can choose to save all entries.

Other customization options include the possibility to allow the app to automatically detect the source language, and to change the reminder frequency for previously translated words.

Versatile translation tool that comes with dictation support

For your convenience, Troga offers you the possibility to add new words to the translation field by using the OS X dictation tools. Moreover, the app provides both Dock and status bar icons for easy access, but you may also define a system wide hotkey.

To conclude, Troga is a great tool to have around if you are constantly translating words between different languages, even though it cannot work with expressions or sentences.

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