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Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator.

You're one of those people that are interested in emulators? Well…If you are looking for specific features in a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator, chances are that zx32 will have the most basic of them. Here's a list of features that some people may find essential but this emulator lacks:


· Sinclair Interface I/II, Sinclair ZX Printer, 128K keypad, Mirage Microdrive, MGT Disciple/+D disk interface, Romantic Robot Multiface I/128, AMX Mouse support.
· Implementation of undocumented Z80 flags (and correct implementation of the official ones, in some cases).
· Built-in debugger/monitor.
· Real Disk Drive/Printer/Tape support.
· ACH, MDR, PRG, RAW, SEM, SIT, SNX, SP, SPC, ZX file format support (Z80 snapshots that rely on un-implemented hardware, non- RIFF ZXS files and Warajevo TAP files are not supported either.)
· Support for 4/24/32-bit color resolutions.
· Sound output through the PC Speaker and/or an AdLib-compatible sound card

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