Download Download FanCtrl 1.2.8 For Windows 10, 8, 7 PC

FanCtrl is a free application to change and control the fan speed on your computer.

FanCtrl is not difficult to use, despite the fact that the application is the best for modern customers. You can damage your computer by overheating or interfering with various processors or other watching programs. As an out-of-box application, not all motherboards are or can be supported.

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The app is well laid out and fits in a frame with the motherboard names and every fan speed and controls you can name. You can right-click a symbol to:

  • Programmable Empower fan control
  • Empower OSD (RTSS)
  • Typical
  • Quiet
  • Execution
  • Game

After opening the app, you can see the temperature and change the fan speed and fan control (speed).

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There are various options that are worth looking at, most notably the ability to work close to LibreHardwareMonitor and Open Hardware Monitor.

Overall, any nerd who likes overclocking will love FanCtrl, and professionals will welcome the ability to message fan pace and temperature