McLaren’s new hybrid supercar enters final test phase


The car will be launched in the first half of 2021.

he all new supercar will be the first McLaren built with a new carbon fiber structure, dubbed as McLaren Carbon lightweight architecture (MCLA). Optimized for hybrid powertrains from state-of-the-art high performance driving technologies, the architecture elevates the pioneering lightweight chassis technologies of Mclaren to new heights, harnessing the company's advantage in ultralight engineering, a benefit that has its roots in the brand's motorsport origins.

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Designed, developed and produced in the UK, the new flexible structure will support the new generation of supercars hybrids of Mclaren which will hit the market in the years to come. The high-performance hybrid powertrain features a brand new V6 internal combustion engine, and will provide driving capability for mid-range electric vehicles only.

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he All-new hybrid supercar to sit between GT and 720S in the McLaren lineup

and its introduction will further strengthen the company's presence in the supercar sector. The designation of Sports series, introduced in 2015 with the Launch of the 570S, ceases at the end of this year with the 620R inspired by the GT4 limited series, the last model produced.

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