Yamaha Cygnus-X 125 seen during tests in Japan


he Yamaha Charm is one of the most popular scooter models from Yamaha

Latest reports say checkered camouflage hides unconfirmed rumors that The new generation of Cygnus-X 125 will be delivered with a dashcam, and on the test mule, it records what is happening in front of the scooter. If these rumors are true, there is also the possibility of another camera on the back. Although it is not clear what the data recorded by the cameras will be used for, the truth is that The next generation of Yamaha Cygnus-X 125 will be delivered with Bluetooth connectivity

, technology that Yamaha already has in its flagship sports bikes, R1 and R1M.

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Yamaha has made it clear that it will completely exit the consumer passenger segment and focus on the premium passenger segment for entry-level motorcycles and scooters. Once he new Cygnus-X 125

ready for production, it is still doubtful that Yamaha plans to launch it. A launch will mean local manufacture of scooters to keep prices competitive.

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