Frightened woman after seeing the ‘haunting’ reflection in the window while watching TV

A woman got scared when she saw something very scary while watching TV at home.

After deciding to go to bed, the woman decided to turn on the TV while relaxing.

But she was distracted after seeing a terrifying reflection in the window and almost ran out of the house, before realizing what had happened.

His hilarious article on the unfortunate incident went viral on Twitter and garnered over 160,000 likes.

She joked, “I almost left my whole family in this house, naked and everything.”

The woman mistakenly thought that she had seen a terrifying nun staring at her through her bedroom window.

Frightened woman  after seeing the `` haunting '' reflection in the window while watching TV 1
The strange reflection made the woman jump

But it was just a reflection of television, where I watched movies.

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In fact, the image was used to publicize the horror film “The Curse of a Nun”, which seems terrifying.

He follows a group of travelers seeking refuge in an abandoned prison where a notorious nun has been assigned and suspected of murdering prisoners.

People got points for the woman's mistake.

Frightened woman after seeing the `` haunting '' reflection in the window while watching TV 2
Fortunately, the reflection was not the result of something sinister.

One person commented, “I laughed for a minute straight.”

Another joked, “Me and this dog would have had a gaze contest because this is my home. I am the only demon that can enter here.

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A third revealed: “I walked out a door, saw my own reflection, got scared, and went inside.”

A fourth added: “LOOOOOOL naa, as I would have run to the door, that's why I don't fuck with the horrors.”

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