Astrocartography reading: where should I go? Astrology

True astrocartography is extremely complicated, but the bottom line is that takes your birth chart data and disseminates it around the world to recreate snapshots of the sky in other places where you might have been born. The hypothetical new natal charts that this creates can show you where the planets would land in each of the 12 houses on your map and what that would mean for your relationships, your career, literally everything. Do you remember when I said it was extremely complicated? Yes.

IRL Example: Let's say restrictive Saturn is currently in his 7th house of relationships, which only gives him one chance to find love. Getting far enough away (i.e. changing time zone) could reposition Saturn to a less meh location.

(This is a good time to point out that relocation astrology is a super-individualized practice, which is why Paris can be great for one of your friends, but totally stressful for you. Not for me, however. . I look great with berets).

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Real professionals can predict what would happen if you migrated to your dream city or help you focus on the best possible places for you based on your specific goals. Within reason, of course: “You can move your map, but it will still have the same conflicting planetary angles wherever you go.” For example, if you have Pluto square Mercury in your natal chart

, you will always have defensive tendencies.

Your MIP (the most important planet, duh) here is Jupiter, and your most important move is to place it in a house you want to dominate. If you want all the money, you want Jupiter in your second house. Sex? Take him to the eighth house. Your best overall location would be right on your Midheaven line, which is at the top of your graph between the 9th and 10th houses. This place of luck prepares you for success, fame and wealth.

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Now I know what you are thinking: How can I fix this problem by myself?

While it's certainly best to have a professional read (you won't get the full picture without it), you can technically test where our friend Skirt lands in different cities around the world. Just generate an online birth chart with your OG information modified to reflect what it would have been like if you were born around the same time but in Los Angeles, Buenos Aires or Bangkok or elsewhere.

If you need me, I will start my life over in Rome, where Jupiter awaits me in my Midheaven. Goodbye!

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