October 2020 horoscope for the New Moon in Libra by zodiac sign

The Libra New Moon, which rises in the sky October 16, it's an incredible event. he cosmos will create a Square T (a tense astrological aspect in which an opposition and two squares occur) between Mars retrograde in Aries O (Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto, all of which are in Capricorn). Expect strong and intense emotions.

To make matters even more dramatic, the planetary rule for this fixture is Venus, What is currently in Virgo, and an opposition between Venus and retrograde Neptune will happen two days later new Moon, what was he October 18

. This means that we will have the opportunity to kiss and reconcile with those with whom we are arguing for the new moon… Only to make important decisions about relationships, partnerships and finances on October 20 Venus squares the knots of fate. Expect an eventful weekend!


A new crush makes your heart beat fast, making you want to do DTR fast. Dark! This is the season for you to give love a chance.


Make the necessary changes to your daily routine. If you're committing to a new schedule, you can tick everything off your to-do list.

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A creative project allows you to embrace the artist in you. Even if you are not Van Gogh, you will have fun pulling out your paintings. Add your friends for more fun.


Your bed is calling you. That's right, Cancer, this light is the time to be cuddly and snug. Spend the evening relaxing and having fun with a show and binge-worthy snacks.
Emily in Paris

con croissants?


You've been stressed out Leo, so open it up and tell your family (birth or chosen) so they can offer you the support you so badly need. With their love you can take over the world.


It's time to organize your finances, Virgo. It means creating a budget and sticking to it. Instead of spending too much, start saving for a rainy day (coming sooner than you think, sry).


A new look won't just be a fun change, it might grab your crush's attention as well. Go ahead and grab that shiny hair dye / eye shadow / scissors. Anything you try may even be part of your signature style.


Don't worry about the little things, Scorpio. It means letting go of situations and people that bother you. Do not participate in the drama; just focus on yourself. You are the center of your own universe, no one else is.

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You love your team, but it's time to set some boundaries to avoid drama (so you don't hear more gossip about someone else in group chat). Just keep in mind that this is a two way street. Also respect their limits.


You need to create a balance between your professional and personal life. Don't work so hard that you forget to take care of yourself. Allow yourself to spend the same time working and resting. Avoid burnout!


Take out your amethyst, pendulum, tarot cards, and yoga mat. You are looking for spiritual satisfaction. Explore new techniques and methods to find the ones that will allow you to grow and transform.


Your intuition is a supercharged ATM. But you question yourself, thanks to the reactions of your friends. No matter what people want you to believe, trust your instincts. Don't let anyone tell you anything different, Pisces.

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