Weekly horoscope: May 4 – May 10, 2020


Weekly horoscope: May 4 - May 10, 2020

The week begins with the sun (planet of the self) in Taurus aligning with Mercury (planet of communication), promoting the exchange of ideas and opinions and connecting with others .

Overall, Mercury is about to make animated appearances this week, especially one with Neptune (planet of illusion) which will hit hard on Thursday. This is an opportunity to use your imagination to realize your key plans. If they seemed a little predictable, this connection encourages more creativity.

Also on Thursday, there is a scorpion super moon which sizzles with intensity. This powerful lunar phase can bring problems to the surface, encouraging people to voice their opinion and purify the air. However, it can also prompt you to make decisions in an emotional state of mind, which should be avoided.

Articulate Mercury aligns with Pluto (planet of transformation) and Jupiter (planet of abundance) over the weekend, which can bring exciting new developments.

Finally, Saturn (founding planet) becomes retrograde on Sunday under the sign of Aquarius, which could lead to a change of opinion regarding certain ideals or beliefs.

How the planets will affect your zodiac sign

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The sun aligns with Mercury in its currency area, preparing it to take care of any monetary opportunities that arise. Thursday, this full moon of Scorpio could make you plunge headlong into a compulsive decision. If you are not careful, Aries, you could be in a difficult situation.

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There are many things in your sign, Taurus. With the sun and Mercury passing through your first home, you will be able to say exactly what you think and describe what you need. Facilitate. Later in the week, Neptune, Pluto and Jupiter connect to Mercury, possibly dropping a unique situation on their knees.

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With Jupiter and Pluto moving into their psychological realm, things are moving around as they think about bigger issues. And with Neptune involved this week, your dreams could be the key to moving these problems forward, Gemini.

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The cancer

There is a lot going on in your social area this week, Cancer. You will receive messages left and right from friends and lovers, all wishing to connect with you. Enjoy it while you can because the full moon is moving just above your social area on Thursday, emotions may come to the fore in your conversations.

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The sun is moving in its career zone, and thanks to the appearance of Mercury on the scene, it will be able to take over at work, bringing discussions and business meetings to the ideas of the mine of mine. 39; gold. However, with the full moon in its home area, try to put the breaks, Leo. Time for a little personal care.

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Oh Virgin, we know you can't bear to take your eyes off work. But with your planet, Mercury, evolving into a more "organizing" part of your chart, you had better think that you are ready for certain changes. Thursday, the full moon helps you start this project. Let this creative side come out this week.

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Don't worry Libra, you don't go crazy. The sun is simply suspended in an intense area of ​​your map, which makes you more likely to face your demons. And with the full moon of Scorpio, you are even more inclined to plunge into his psyche. However, this moon is more concerned about your finances. Prepare to ask yourself why you feel the need to buy everything on Amazon.

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The full moon is in your sign this week, Scorpio, which means: There will be many things on your head. And guess what? You can't hold anything back. Mercury is making a few appearances this week in order to see him having interesting (and potentially curative) conversations with other people.

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There is so much going on in the logical sections of your chart that you will feel a little more grounded than usual, Sagittarius. It is good because the full moon in Scorpio does not take prisoners when it comes to emotional waves. During Thursday's full moon, you may want to take a walk away from all the emotional energy.

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The leisure areas of your menu light up this week, Capricorn. And because Uranus settles in here, you may feel more inclined to do something unexpected rather than planning weeks in advance. With the full moon in your social sector, oh boy. Prepare to express these feelings, fall in love, or share everything you've been thinking about recently.

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There is a great opportunity this week to reorganize everything in your space. Things get crowded, right? Right now, with Mercury connecting with Pluto and Jupiter, this is the best time to sit quietly and think, rather than rushing. Saturn becomes retrograde in your sign this weekend; this will relieve the pressure a bit.

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Mercury invites you to put your ideas on the table at work and in your goals. It's time to share your genius with everyone around you, Pisces! Thanks to the full moon, I could have a great opportunity to help you do that. Finally, your social life looks great this week; You could even see a romance evolve.

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