Your weekly tarot card horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

You don't need to know the difference between a spread of three cards and a celtic cross to make the most of a tarot card reading.

Everything you need: Your sun sign!

That's what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and draw the cards in order from Aries to Pisces more a general letter for everyone so that you can get specific advice about your personality. Let's go!


the tarot card of strength a woman in a white dress strokes a lion

Rider-Waite / Raydene Salinas Hansen Tire

They say that what doesn't kill can make you stronger, and that's a thought you should hang on to right now. We are still here and we are still learning about ourselves and each other. Use your newfound knowledge and self-awareness to make positive changes in your life. Process your life experiences and build your resilience. Feel yourself getting stronger and wiser.

Aries: queen of wands

queen of wands

Raydene Salinas Hansen / Rider-Waite Tire

The Queen of Wands is bringing new news and energy into your life this week, turning things around and giving you new ideas. Don't waste this wave of positive energy! Take advantage of the opportunities you receive and take advantage of them. Get moving and try different activities. You can broaden your horizons and overcome those ~ growing pains ~ you have been feeling recently!


the tarot card for the seven swords a man carries five swords, with two other swords standing beside him

Rider-Waite / Raydene Salinas Hansen Tire

Be careful this week, Taurus. The Seven of Swords tells you to watch your back. Someone might be suspicious around you or be jealous of what you have. Don't give them a chance to hurt. Keep your guard and let the drama roll.


tarot card seven coins seven pentacles a man leans on a staff, a stack of seven coins decorated with stars next to him

Rider-Waite / Raydene Salinas Hansen Tire

A crossroads may emerge next week, showing you a route that leads to a totally different place than you thought you were going. The Seven of Coins represents a turning point and it is an area of ​​life that you have been working on for a long time. You've come a long way here, but that doesn't mean you have to keep going. Take a break, think, and reconsider. Maybe, basically, you want to change course?


the hierophant tarot card a person in a red robe and a golden crown sitting on a throne, with two people kneeling in front of them

Rider-Waite / Raydene Salinas Hansen Tire

The Hierophant has to do with faith and rebellion. It's a catalyst card that challenges what you really believe, so you can analyze what your heart really is. Changing and turbulent times create new ideas and a new context. Do you feel different about something? Want to change sides or change your values? Do you want to restore your position? Go ahead, Cancer, and know that you now fully understand where you are at.

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the tarot card of the world, showing a naked woman wrapped in a white scarf, floating in the sky and surrounded by a wreath of leaves

Raydene Salinas Hansen / Rider-Waite Tire

Ambition is important to you, Leo. You want to believe that you are going places, literally and symbolically. The world is the last card of the tarot and a symbol of final realization. He is visiting you this week to suggest that it is time to activate a LARGE ambition in your life. Something you can really invest in and be proud to try. What is it? What inspires you?


king of tarot sticks

Rider-Waite / Raydene Salinas Hansen Tire

King of Wands is a JFDI card that prompts you to take a bold leap and act on your impulses. Don't overthink it, Virgo, because you'll convince yourself not to act, and you know it! Get what makes you feel excited and hopeful. Don't worry about it not working, because you'll have fun anyway. If that doesn't work out, you can always try something else. After all, nothing has to be right the first time. Just follow your gut this week.


The chariot tarot card, which shows a person in armor sitting on a silver chariot, pulled by two sphinxes

Raydene Salinas Hansen / Rider-Waite Tire

Travel, travel and movement are on your mind this week, whether you're buying a new car, planning a trip, or looking for an apartment. Chariot is all about movement with a purpose. You are in control and your final destination is in sight. You need focus and persistence to do this, and the Universe will give it to you. Don't waste it!


The Hanged Man tarot card, which shows a man hanging upside down, with one foot tied to a tree

Raydene Salinas Hansen / Rider-Waite Tire

You don't like to feel stuck, Scorpio. You like to be on the move, progress and see new things. The Hanged Man indicates stagnant plans on your world. Don't worry, things will be moving soon. You just need a new angle, a new perspective and a new plan to change everything. Take ~ the time ~ to reconsider your approach and try something different.

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The Ten Cups tarot card, showing ten golden goblets on a rainbow in the sky, with two adults and two children celebrating below

Raydene Salinas Hansen / Rider-Waite Tire

Your love life is on this week, Sagittarius, that's how you like it. Whether you're starting a new romance, finding a new spark in an existing relationship, or even getting back together with an ex, focus your energy where you want something to happen most. The Ten of Cups shows that anything that starts this week has long term potential, so move on to the person you know you want in your life forever.


The Seven of Cups tarot card, which shows the silhouette of a person looking at seven golden cups held by clouds.  The cups are filled with different elements, including a tiny person under a sheet, a snake, and lots of jewelry.

Rider-Waite / Raydene Salinas Hansen Tire

You are such a practical and material person that you don't always get credit for your creativity, but you are actually very imaginative, Cap. The Seven of Cups allows you to think outside the box to overcome a tricky obstacle this week. Use your imagination to find new approaches, then give them a try. Either of these tactics will work, so don't give up!


The Queen of Spades tarot card, showing a woman sitting on a throne, holding a sword

Cubierta Getty / Rider-Waite / Raydene Salinas Hansen

The queen of swords is your tarot queen, she represents the air signs. She is bold, direct, ruthless, intellectual and focused. Use his powers to amplify yours and you can destroy anything in your path. It will give you the right information and the courage to act on it, helping you go further, faster than you think possible. Have faith, Aquarius, because you'll be going places this week!


The Nine Cups tarot card, showing a person in a white robe and a red hat sitting with folded arms in front of a high table on which nine golden cups are placed

Cubierta Getty / Rider-Waite / Raydene Salinas Hansen

Make a wish, Pisces! The Nine of Cups is the greeting card come true, and it shows that you have the ability to take something of your imagination and bring it into the real world. The trick is to be upfront about what it is, and then take a positive step in its direction so that you can show the Universe what you want. Then wait for luck and good fortune to come into your life to help you manifest your heart's desire. Everything is possible this week!

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