Mom’s plasticine cesarean section for son’s party leaves people ‘disturbed and intrigued’

A doctor went viral after celebrating his son's fourth birthday by teaching him to give birth with plasticine.

The video showing your son's impressive surgical skills when he successfully cut the patient's abdomen has been viewed thousands of times.

Some viewers called the video “inappropriate” and complained that it was too graphic, while orders supported the woman for educating her children about the surgery.

In her Twitter bio, Dr Jessica So, who creates the videos with the username @thebreakfasteurHe explained that he had started making them for his son who loves surgery.

In the incredible video, the mother can be seen starting the operation before her enthusiastic son takes over.

She can be seen cutting through layers of skin, tissue, and muscle before the four-year-old cleverly cuts the uterus out of the plasticine with a plastic scalpel.

Mom's Play-Doh Cesarean for Son's Birthday Leaves People 'Bothered and Intrigued' 1
The video left people divided

He can be heard warning “it's going to get wet” before sucking in the “amniotic fluid”.

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He then takes out the “baby” with the help of his mother, who turns out to be an adorable mini Spiderman, before delivering a placental balloon.

People were divided by the unusual video, which garnered 3.7 million views on Twitter.

One viewer commented: “Equally disturbed and intrigued by this.”

Another added: “It's the coolest thing you'll see today.”

A third complained: “WT **? I consider myself to be a very progressive parent and adopt age-appropriate learning for all subjects, but it's just unnecessary and frankly a bit disturbing.

A fourth agreed and replied, “It's too scary for my son.”

But another viewer praised the video, adding, “My mother was born to C, I was born to C, and my son was born to C.

Mom's Play-Doh Cesarean for Son's Birthday Leaves People 'Bothered and Intrigued' 2
Many viewers praised the mother for raising her son.

“I am grateful for the procedure and thought it was a great way for a child to learn how to parent.

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“I hope Play-Doh has had an epidural.”

In the caption of the YouTube video, Dr So thanked the doctors working in the field of midwifery.

She wrote, “Our little one just celebrated his birthday (the Big 4!), And we remember the unforgettable and unforgettable day he arrived and the onslaught of amazing people involved to bring him here safely.

“In our next case, a little superhero was born by Caesarean (yes, I know it was actually a radioactive spider …)

“Superheroes are a common theme with us these days. We're saying that being a superhero isn't just about having superpowers or abilities; heroes use the power they have to help others, often at the cost of sacrifice and risk to themselves.

“To OB / GYN and FM / OB using their superpowers for their miracle mothers and babies (along with a team of midwives, L&D staff!): You are all heroes.”


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