Download DesktopUtility Mac 4.7.1 – Download Free

Download Free DesktopUtility Mac 4.7.1 – Download

An unobtrusive status bar menu application for macOS that provides easy access to a collection of commonly used system commands.

Certain system maintenance functions can be accessed through the system menu or using the command line. Desktop tools It is a small Mac application that allows you to easily trigger them using the unobtrusive status bar menu.

Simple status bar application, including useful system maintenance tools

After startup, DesktopUtility will place a small icon in your status bar to display a small menu where you can choose to restart the Finder, Dock or MenuBar. The same menu allows you to hide the desktop, show the user library, or show invisible files.

Last but not least, you can choose to force empty the trash bin: with instant access to all these options, you can avoid wasting a lot of time looking for the correct system menu or appropriate command line commands.

Enables you to perform maintenance tasks using global hotkeys

Through the DesktopUtility preferences window, you can easily decide which functions should be accessed through system-wide hotkeys. The application comes with its own default keyboard combination, but you can easily define your own keyboard combination.

A simple but powerful status bar application that provides access to a collection of commonly used system tools

If you want the desktop to look clean, DesktopUtility is a great tool: you can easily hide the desktop using hotkeys. At the same time, you can switch the visibility of the user library or invisible files, you can forcibly empty the trash bin, or you can restart the Dock, Finder, or MenuBar.

All in all, if you want to be able to perform some system maintenance tasks without having to deal with time-consuming workflows, DesktopUtility is a great tool.


Hide desktop, force empty trash can, switch file visibility, hide display visibility system


Download: DesktopUtility Mac 4.7.1 – Download Free 2021 Last Version

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