Download Download COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker 2.2 Free

Download Free Download COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker 2.2

A highly intuitive and user-friendly solution that shows detailed information about the global COVID-19 vaccination progress

New features in COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker 2.2:

  • As the data on the data site has been changed, the data processing process has been changed. (Released on 04/13/2021).

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COVID-19 is a pandemic that spreads around the world like wildfire, so when the vaccine began to be distributed, authorities everywhere scrambled to distribute it to the people.

And, if you want to track the global vaccination method, you can try COVID-19 vaccine tracker.

Install the sidebar first

Depending on your operating system, the once-popular Windows sidebar may no longer be integrated. In this case, you first need to install Windows Desktop Gadgets to restore this sidebar to your PC.

After completing this step, you can continue to install the COVID-19 vaccine tracker and start checking the data it provides.

Browse constantly updated data

By default, the main window of the widget displays the total number of vaccine doses you have globally managed. You can narrow the scope so that only statistics related to the United States are displayed, or you can select your home country and display its data with the world details in the main window.

When you want to take a closer look at the total number of people who received one or two doses of vaccine, you can access the pop-up window and analyze detailed information about each country (if there is a public record). You can even perform a search to quickly find a location and its corresponding statistics.

Custom GUI color

The COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker allows you to personalize the colors used in its main window and then get an overview of current vaccination activities in it. You can choose one of the available colors or enter the desired color code in the dedicated field.

In this way, not only can you modify the color of the text, you can also modify the background and appearance of the pop-up window.

in conclusion

To sum up, the COVID-19 vaccine tracker can help you monitor the progress of COVID-19 vaccination in your own country or globally.

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