Download Download DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel Free

Download Free Download DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel

Use this easy-to-use program to convert VBA codes and add-ins in Microsoft Excel workbooks into binary codes in the form of DLL files.

DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel It is a relatively simple application designed to help you convert VBA codes of Excel workbooks and add-ins into binary codes. Once the code is compiled, it cannot be copied or restored, thus providing protection against piracy.

It is very easy to use because the application requires minimal user input and also comes with detailed documentation.

VBA compiler for Excel workbooks and add-ins

DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel works by converting the original VBA code into C code and then compiling it into a Windows DLL file. After the process is completed, the application will delete the VBA code from the file and add external DLL function calls.

The original file will not be modified in any way because the program can only use a copy of the document, but it is still recommended to create a backup before starting the project.

Please follow some simple steps to make sure everything goes smoothly

natural, Microsoft Office It needs to be installed on the computer in order to process the source files. You also need to enable the “Trusted Access to VBA Project Object Model” option in Excel and remove all passwords from the files to be compiled.

You should find that the rest of the process is more or less self-explanatory, but if you encounter any problems, you can also consult the accompanying documentation. After the job is completed, the application can even open the output folder.

Functional and fairly simple user interface

As far as UI is concerned, there is not much to say. The program has a minimalistic layout and all main functions can be easily accessed from the main window.

All in all, DoneEx VbaCompiler for Excel is a useful tool that enables you to convert VBA codes from Excel files to binary codes and export them to native DLL files. With the accompanying documentation, it is not at all difficult to use, and the work can be done quickly and efficiently.

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