Download ForkLift Mac 3.5.2 – Download Free

Download Free ForkLift Mac 3.5.2 – Download

Based on dual-pane and full-featured macOS file manager and FTP/SFTP client, designed to help you easily manipulate files locally and over the Internet

New features of ForkLift 3.5.2:

  • Fixed the possibility of ForkLift Mini crashing due to missing or not the latest macFUSE installation introduced in version 3.5
  • Fixes the issue that may hang after uploading the project to Google Drive after the bandwidth limit is enabled in version 3.5

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Forklift It is a lightweight and concise macOS application designed to provide a fast and powerful dual-pane file manager for all Mac users who need to process files on their local computer or by connecting to a remote server.

Supports management of files on remote servers

Therefore, with the help of Forklift, you can manipulate files and documents stored on Mac hard drives or on FTP, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, Amazon S3, iDisk, AFP and NIS servers.

In addition, Forklift provides you with all the functions and tools that can easily and quickly manage local and remote files. These functions and tools are provided through a beautiful-looking and Cocoa-based user interface.

Slick style and macOS integrated interface

The Forklift file manager and remote client are designed to be perfectly integrated into the look and feel of macOS, and closely follow Apple’s man-machine interface guidelines to simplify the user experience.

The fact that Forklift is a dual-pane application can help it greatly improve work efficiency by providing direct and fast access to two different local or remote file views at the same time.

In addition, since each panel can be configured to display different views of the file, you can use any of them as a built-in panel to preview the contents of the currently selected file.

Forklift also includes other state-of-the-art features such as real-time preview tools, spring-loaded folders and synchronized browsing to further speed up the file management workflow.

Tab is a powerful and simplified file management application

In addition, Forklift allows you to use multiple tabs to manage files at once, which allows you to keep your workspace beautiful and tidy, while still being able to handle multiple file storage locations and folder structures at the same time.

In addition, you can use Forklift to easily and quickly synchronize folders between two local or remote target folders, eliminating the need for additional applications to keep files and documents in sync.

In addition, Forklift also has a built-in application deleter, designed to help you keep the remaining files in your hard drive clean after uninstalling the application. This is a remote editing function that will automatically remove all changes you made locally Upload to remote server. The edited file is stored.

User-oriented full-featured file manager and remote server client

If you are a macOS super user, Forklift’s Terminal integration allows you to easily open a new command line interface in any folder, and a wide range of keyboard shortcuts allow you to easily control it without using a mouse, leaving you at nothing Don’t use extremes.

In summary, if Apple’s Finder cannot save you money due to its limited features, then you may want to make Forklift spin fast.

If you need to use a dual-pane file manager on steroids, then a forklift is the right choice. This file manager can help you manage local and remote files and folders through a user-friendly and efficient user interface.

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