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Have an APK file for an alpha League of Legends: Wild Rift beta, or staged rollout update? Just drop it below, fill in any details you know, and we’ll do the rest!

Note: If the download is not yet available in your country, we leave the .apk download at the end of the article.

NEW VERSION DOWNLOAD: Wild Rift NEW beta APK + OBB (Early Access)

If you want to download LoL Mobile Wild Rift, first you have to sign up to the Riot BETA in this LINK, I remind you that you can be informed of the latest Wild Rift news in the Article above.

Download Official Play Store Google Android

To DOWNLOAD League of Legends: Wild Rift beta it you just have to follow these steps that I will explain you, but before you do you should make sure to GET the necessary REQUIREMENTS that are compatible with your device, but… WHICH ARE THEY?


All we have to do is install it, log in to our Riot Games account and start playing!

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For Android, we expect to support the equivalent of the Samsung Galaxy A7: 1GB RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor and Adreno 306 GPU.

How to install League of Legends: Wild Rift APK and OBB?

  • First, you will need to register for the mobile version from the Play Store (link above)
  • Download the latest League of Legends: Wild Rift APK file and the OBB data file.
  • Extract the zip files to get the .apk file and OBB folder.
  • Transfer the LOL mobile APK file to phone storage and install it. (Do not open it yet)
  • Next, launch a file manager or file explorer on your phone.
  • Extract the com.riotgames.league.wildrift zip.
  • Copy the extracted folder com.riotgames.league.wildrift to the directory Android/obb
  • Now, download a VPN app (paid recommended) we chose the cheapest from this list of coupons.
  • Change region to Brazil.
  • Launch League of Legends: Wild Rift game.
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Of all the MOBA’s there are, and because there is possibly the most important one, the best of all, it is League of Legends. LoL is a success on the PC thanks to its 5v5 multiplayer games where action and strategy are combined in equal parts.

Download League of Legends for Android
Because its millions of users around the world already have the possibility of downloading LoL for Android. This is League of Legends: Wild Rift, the mobile version of MOBA par excellence, where you can choose from a variety of champions and meet your friends for exciting online games.
The game offers a similar experience to the computer but adapted to touch devices.

That is, five against five games of 15-20 minutes duration with the aim of destroying the nexus that unites your enemies.

The entry game offers 40 known LoL champions but this number will grow with future updates.



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