Download Free Your Boyfriend Game 1.0 Download for Your PC

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Download Free Free Your Boyfriend Game 1.0 Download for Your PC

Your Boyfriend Game is an android simulator game. It is a violent, vicious, cruel and desperate game designed for adults. The game contains adult content and scary scenarios that depend on your decisions.

Like many other popular dating or simulator games, it also lets players decide how they want to play. The game starts with a scary girlfriend who is the central character. Players can take on the role of Y / N, with a young avatar involved in a character called “Your girlfriend“.

This game is not for the faint of heart, because it has many dark and horror elements. Those who love horror, jumpscares, violent content will enjoy this dark simulator game.

Your Girlfriend Game Day 1

Excellent Visuals

The game has amazing graphics for a dating simulator. The visual mixes perfectly with the sounds and dialogues. It offers a unique experience than most other dating games.

Simple controls

The controls are very easy to use. You just have to choose your actions based on the situation. Your decisions will lead to the end of the game.

Scary, yet exciting

The story is very mature and violent. However, the visuals and plot are very different, and that makes it unique for the players. It’s not your typical lightweight dating game.

Your Girlfriend Game Dating


  • Visually impressive and full of exciting graphics.
  • The action is unique.
  • Free to download.
  • The controls are easy to use.


  • Violent and aggressive content.
  • Short playing time.

Frequently asked questions about the Your Boyfriend game

What is your boyfriend?

The Boyfriend game is a simulator game developed by BlackShepherd. It has extremely adult content that many players love.

Is your boyfriend free?

The game is free to download for most Android phones Android version 5.0 and up

How can I get my boyfriend to play?

You will find your girlfriend as soon as you start playing the game. You do not need to unlock anything.

Why does Peter not like his name?

Peter does not like his name because it is too normal. He would rather be called “Cockbite”.


If you’re looking for a unique Android game to spend time on, The Boyfriend Game will excite you. It gives players gripping scenarios and a unique plot depending on the actions. So download the game now to enjoy it.

Download: Free Your Boyfriend Game 1.0 Download for Your PC Free 2021 Last Version

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