Download Permute Mac 3.6.2 – Download Free

Download Free Permute Mac 3.6.2 – Download

Convert video, audio and image files into different formats, modify them in various ways, and utilize various seminar tools to process other files

New features of Permute 3.6.2:

  • New feature: Automation has been expanded to include callbacks. For more information, see “Help”> “Permute Help”> “Automation”.
  • Fix: MP4 file with HEVC video cannot be opened in QuickTime Player.
  • Fix: For files with internal and external subtitles, the conversion will fail.

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Although there have been some standardizations in video, audio, and image formats over the years, conversion is still required in many cases. If it is part of the daily workflow, then you need the most efficient application to handle the task at hand.

Exchange If you are after the ultimate productivity, then this is a good choice. It can batch video, image and audio files into multiple formats, and is designed to be drag-and-drop.

Delete files and start conversion

If you don’t need to fine-tune the encoding options, you can select one of several presets and start the conversion. They are designed to work with various Apple devices, but you can also customize them and create your own presets. In addition, you can trim and crop the video while converting it.

The image is also easy to handle. If you add multiple pictures, they will be automatically organized into one job, and they all use the same conversion preset. You can choose your preferred output format, adjust the file size during conversion, and even set the maximum file size for the output image.

Impressive set of other tools

Even though the application is primarily designed for media file conversion, the developers want to turn it into some kind of Swiss Army Knife conversion. For this reason, optional tools are provided in Workshop. If you need their functions, you can enable these tools.

For example, these tools allow you to apply filters to PDF files, create HLS lists, optimize MP4 files for the Web, edit metadata, convert PDF to images, change text encoding, and convert text to speech.

Value for money

It’s no secret that you can find free and even open source applications to perform most tasks, but they are usually not as easy to use as Permute. All you have to do is delete some files, choose a preset, and finish. If efficiency is the key, then applications like this will be invaluable.

File down

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Download: Permute Mac 3.6.2 – Download Free 2021 Last Version

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