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Track how many GitHub contributions you’ve made over the past ten days from the menu bar, with this lightweight, open-source app

GitHub makes it very easy to track your activity across multiple repositories, but there’s no easy way to see how many contributions you’ve made from your desktop.

Jandi is an open source application with a simple solution. It tracks the number of contributions made by a certain user and displays this information in the menu bar. The last ten days are displayed and the number of current days is displayed in the menu bar icon.

Show the latest GitHub contributions in the menu bar

Getting started couldn’t be easier. After launching the app, just enter your GitHub username. You don’t need to log in or anything, as Jandi pulls publicly available data. If you wish, you can also follow the contributions of other users.

Once you provide a username, the app is ready to use. The counter on the menu bar shows you how many contributions were made today, and you can click the icon to view the number of contributions during each of the last ten days.

Easy to use, easy to read

Once the simple setup process is complete, keep working and let the app track your stats. It might be a good idea to add Jandi to your login items, so that you don’t have to manually launch it every time you start.

The app also displays an icon that changes depending on the number of contributions made on a certain day. A fire does not indicate any contribution; as the number increases you will see a sprout, a leaf, and then a mature tree. However, it would be great if the ranges and icons were configurable.

Simple GitHub contribution tracking

Jandi is a very simple app, but it does its job and it’s completely free. If you have ideas for improvement, head over to the project’s GitHub page and provide your suggestions or contribute directly.

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