Messi communicates to FC Barcelona that he is leaving the club

Messi communicates to Barça that he is leaving the club

Lionel Messi took a decision that seemed impossible and communicated to Barcelona via burofax that he wants to leave after 20 years in the team.

The player has sent a burofax to the Catalan club requesting that the letter of freedom be granted.

Lionel Messi leaving FC Barcelona

The captain of Barcelona, Lionel Messi, has sent a burofax to the Catalan club in which he requests that the letter of freedom be granted so that he can sign for another club.

Sources of the azulgrana entity explained to EFE that, in the missive, Messi alleges the clause that he has in his contract and that allowed him to go free before the past 10 June.

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However, as the Argentine international did not execute it before that date, Barça automatically gave it as renewed for one more season, until June 30, 2021, and its termination clause became 700 million euros.

Manchester City is on top, Inter dreams of having it, MLS is on the lookout and will always have the doors open to Newell's. What there is, so far, is no certainty about it.

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The club, which has not yet replied to Messi, understands that this is the amount that any team that wants to sign the Argentinean star will have to pay.


The term burofax is used in Spain as a procedure to send documents urgently and that require immediate delivery, which also serves as evidence before third parties and is always delivered under the signature of the recipient. In short, it is the delivery of a certified email , reducing costs and time.


What appeared to be an endless relationship seems to have a different outcome than the script. Although Messi looked very happy and despite being – without a doubt – the greatest figure in the club's history, recent events have been key in his decision to leave the club.

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