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The Amazfit GTS is a popular smartwatch in its segment with a sleek design and an impressive display. However, it comes with a declared battery life of just 14 days, which in real life can only last a few days. Additionally, many people have experienced battery drain issues on the GTS which should not be the case with the ideal setup. This article gives some Useful tips to help you save battery on your Huami Amazfit GTS smart watch.

Tips for saving battery on Huami Amazfit GTS smart watch

Tips for saving battery on Huami Amazfit GTS smart watch

For starters, the Amazfit GTS comes with a 220mAh lithium-ion battery. It is promoted to last up to 14 days, as long as the features are used conservatively. Battery life will be drastically reduced with more frequent heart rate monitoring, more exercise, and more notifications and vibrations.

I have been using the watch for a few months now and this is what I do to save battery life and get the most out of my Amazfit GTS.

1. Adjust the screen brightness

Amazfit GTS battery drain problem

The Amazfit GTS comes with a fairly hefty 1.65-inch screen, which is pretty crisp at 341ppi. While the screen looks really shocking and vibrant in real life, it's also the main culprit behind battery drain.

So, control the brightness of your watch screen – the lower the brightness, the longer the battery life. You can change the brightness manually by swiping down on the home screen of the watch, tapping on the sun icon and using the slider or letting it handle automatic brightness.

2. Disable always displayed

Amazfit GTS also comes with the AOD function (always on display) which displays basic information such as time, date and steps on an analog / digital dial when the watch is locked.

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While it is really convenient to have the time visible without having to touch the watch, this has the major drawback of draining the battery.

To turn off always-on screen display in Amazfit GTS:

  1. Wake up your watch.
  2. Slide your finger across the Home screen.
  3. Scroll down and click Settings> Always on display> Activate status.
  4. please select Remove.

3. Use a dark colored dial

Amazfit GTS uses an OLED display, which means the pixels do not light up while producing black colors. So you can save a good deal of battery life by using a black colored dial or by avoiding shiny and colorful watch faces.

The default watch face is quite efficient at the same time. Anyway, you can also check out other watch faces in the Amazfit Zepp app at Profile> Amazfit GTS> Watch face settings.

4. Deactivate “Visible” and “Raise wrist to display information”.

Discoverable mode allows your watch to be visible to nearby devices. This feature is said to affect the battery and can be turned off to expand resistance. Open the Zepp app, tap Profile

in the lower right corner, click Amazfit GTS> Visible and deactivate the function.

Likewise, raising your wrist to display information consumes a fair amount of power as the screen frequently lights up during the day. If you don't need it, please deactivate it in the Zepp app at Profile> Amazfit GTS> Raise your wrist to see the information.

5. Check the detection method

Natively, Amazfit GTS offers three methods of heart rate detection. They can be changed in the Amazfit Zepp app at Profile> Amazfit GTS> Heart rate detection.

  1. Automatic heart rate detection: Measures heart rate every minute while wearing the watch (normal impact on battery).
  2. Sleep assistant: Helps get more accurate sleep data (normal impact on battery).
  3. Automatic heart rate detection and sleep assistant detection: Activate continuous heart rate monitoring and get more accurate sleep data (big impact on battery).
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Now, I won't ask you to turn off detection as this is a basic fitness feature and probably one of the reasons you bought the watch in the first place.

If you need to monitor the sleep, please leave it in “Sleep Assistant”. Or, if you don't wear your watch while you sleep, just leave it on “Automatic Heart Rate Detection”. Do you need continuous monitoring and accurate sleep tracking? Select the third option.

Don't need detection features at all? Just turn it off. Likewise, you can change the frequency of detection, which again influences the overall battery life.

6. Disable notifications

Notifications light up your watch screen while the vibrations that occur use the vibration motor, draining the battery again. So if you don't check the notifications on your watch, you'd better turn off the feature. You can also enable DND on your watch, which will stop sending alerts.


So here are some quick and useful tips on how you can save your Amazfit GTS smartwatch battery or fix any other battery drain problem. Let me know if you have any other tips to add. If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via the comments below.

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