Capcom Hack Reveals Huge Collection of Ace Attorney and Mysterious New ‘Guillotine’ Switch Project


Great lawyer like© Capcom

Earlier this month, Capcom’s network suffered a “Custom ransomware attack”. Although no customer information was obtained during the attack, it has since become clear that internal mail and file servers were compromised during the intrusion and approximately 1TB of data was stolen; Capcom said it is “consulting with police and other relevant authorities while investigating and taking action to restore their systems.”

The hack resulted in the personal information and source code of Capcom staff being made available online, to which we naturally will not be linked, as well as release information for various titles slated for 2020. Images that were disclosed in line, and it should be noted that some of the leaked information appears to have been taken from the 2018 archives, so everything that follows should not be taken as gospel.

Relevant news for owners of Switch include a new Lawyer Ace Collection (also coming to PS4) including the original trilogy and the two 3DS entries, bundled together in a physical version of two packs. Since none of the Great Ace Attorney games were located outside of Japan, could Either this pack is still a Japanese exclusive.

The leak also details a new code project named “Guillotine”, which will apparently launch for the Nintendo console in February. It will reach other systems in May.

It is also said that Monster Hunter Rise It will receive demos in January and March and arrive on PC in October. Monster hunter 2 It’s also coming to PC around the time it hits Switch in June, and paid DLC expansions are expected.

While none of this should be taken as solid confirmation, it’s interesting to see how Capcom Switch’s plans for next year are shaping up.


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