Persona 5 Video Game Music Review (PS4 / Vita, 2016)

Welcome to Morning Music, KotakuIt is the daily meeting place for people who love video games and the cool sounds they make. Today we will steal your heart with melodies from the Person 5 soundtrack.

I had never played The person I play before Person 5 (playlist / long performance / VGMdb). The game was highly recommended by friends, so on a whim, precipitated by depressed boredom, I gave it a try. Turns out I didn't need my The person-Love friends to vouch for this game; from the first notes of the opening cinematic, I was obsessed. Take a look:

I am a huge Yuri on ice fan, so watch all the protagonists skate the streets of Shibuya as the eye-catching and damn inspiring “Wake up, get up, get out

, “Playing was enough to draw me in before I got to a game or a story. (Ironically, Sayo yamamoto—Who directed Yuri on ice—He was also the storyboard director for Person 5is the opening kinematics). I first played Person 5 when it was released in 2016, at a time when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I had not yet started writing professionally and had absolutely no confidence in my abilities: “You don't have any formal writing credits in your name and it's too late to start, give up!”

I was in this depressed state of mind when I resumed Person 5 and I felt my emotional teeth with the message “wake up, get up, get out”. Perhaps the lyrics that come later are even more inspiring:

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Let your voice ring out, yeah
Take off your mask and be free
Find yourself in the rubble
If you hold on, life won't change

“If you hold on, life will not change.” I think when I first heard those words, I must have raised my hand and screamed like the aunts did in the old Pentecostal Baptist church where my mother took me. What an inspiring message it came to me just when I needed to hear it! * Praise hands *

I have chosen Person 5 to be highlighted in place of the most recent 5 Person Royal

specifically because of this openness, which was traded for something much less inspiring (if not eye-catching) in the Real launch:

Boo! Fortunately, the differences between the two games end there, beyond “Wake up, get up, go out”. Person 5 The soundtrack is so good I'm surprised my coworkers didn't capture it Morning music has become a regular feature.

I am a person who prefers his music with a lot of jazz. Butthe first hours of Person 5 block you in a seemingly nevercompleting cycle of going to school and going to bed (thank you Morgana, joyless idiot) never cared too much because I could continue to listen “Under the mask. “

I love every version of this song. There's a clear sounding one when it's raining overall that brings out the bassline and drums, giving it a lighter feel. almost like raindrops on your face:

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Atlus / re charger (Youtube)

Person 5The Fight and Dungeon music has some of the best guitar / bass work on the entire soundtrack. “The days my mother was there“This is my favorite dungeon track of all. It's so laid back and downtempo that it almost seems out of place in a video game dungeon filled with monsters, and it's better suited to be on someone's travel playlist (as it's mine). The bass sounds of “The days when my mother was there another version“They're so warm and heartwarming, well suited given the track's name and its association with the character Futaba, who, and I'm not going to spoil the details, has motherly issues.

Last surprise“The song that plays at every AGM is another triple deck certified song that I remember from different people.” make fun videos with using his iconic ‘You'll never see it coming' handwriting. And the hint “oh shit it's time to fight the boss”Life will change“He has such a funky guitar overture and an amazing bassline, switching to hard rock guitar riffs of real boss music,”Will. You sound nice, so here's a cat that does:

That's it for Morning Music's pre-Thanksgiving installment! If you were a victim of the Phantom Thieves, what would your treasure be? Or wait, are you really a phantom thief? What is your call sign? Let us know in the comments!


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