Man ‘kicked out’ of flat asked to film virtual tour to find new tenants and it’s hilarious

An actor who said he was ‘kicked out’ of his flat was asked to film a virtual tour to attract new tenants – and it’s hilariously brutal.

Sandy Bachelor says he is being ‘forced out’ of the London accommodation by the landlady during the coronavirus crisis, who then asked him for help to find his replacement.

Unsurprisingly, she may have been left regretting roping Sandy in for the job as he filmed the virtual tour with a blistering commentary of the home’s many flaws.

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Sandy said: “Our letting agent asked us to make a video of the flat we are basically being forced out of. I wish them the very best of luck.”

The tour is refreshingly honest

It’s since had more than 6.3 million views, leaving people in stitches with the witty remarks and hidden messages during the tour.

Sandy, from Kinross, begins the masterpiece in the living room, saying all the furniture would be going with him as the flat comes unfurnished.

Panning to the view, he adds: “There’s the bins just outside the living room window in the summer. That’s lovely when it’s hot,” before warning potential tenants about an ant infestation.

Sandy left messages around the flat

He shows the fireplace which “doesn’y work” and some shelves “where the boy who put them in must have been drunk when he did it as there is a 30 degree angle on them”.

Sandy calls the electric hob and oven “complete p***” and films the washer dryer, adding it’s “not really a dryer unless you like your clothes still wet and smelling a bit funny”.

He adds that he thinks the “boy who did the living room did the kitchen as well because he only did f***ing half of it”.

The virtual tour has had more than six million views on Twitter

A quick tour of the bathroom shows a message on the mirror reading: “You will hate it here”.

He goes on to compare the flat’s uneven flooring to walking around a “fun house” before heading out to the garden, showing before and after pictures of his renovation job, describing it as a “hellhole” when he moved in.

He informs viewers he plans to take his plants with him when he leaves “so the garden will end up looking like the Somme”.

Sandy wished his landlady the ‘best of luck’ in finding a new tenant

Showing the fence situation, he says: “Marvel at this feat of engineering, three separate fences, all p***.”

Sandy finishes up outside with a warning about the “plutonium resistant rats” and completes the tour in the bedroom, adding: “There’s a damp problem here and I told the lady about it but was told to keep the place well ventilated in f***ing January.”

He then pans to the mirrored wardrobe, showing him to be wearing only a pair of sunglasses, a mask, a black bra and matching underwear.

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The hilarious clip attracted a lot of attention online, including a few famous faces.

Outlander actor Sam Heughan retweeted it to say: “Just. Brilliant.”

Rebus author Ian Rankin wrote: “Solid gold.”

And BBC weather presenter Judith Ralston replied to say: “Ya belter.”


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