Download SQLBackupAndFTP 12.4.4

Runs scheduled backups of SQL Server or SQL Server Express databases, zips the backups, stores them on a network or on a FTP server

SQLBackupAndFTP is an utility designed to offer you a simple and reliable means of creating backups for your databases.

It displays a very simple to use and straightforward interface that allows you to easily connect to an SQL database and create a backup for it. The application is capable of securing your SQL Server or SQL Server Express databases by zipping, encrypting the files and sending them to other network systems, FTP and Cloud storage services.

When the application is run, it automatically starts scanning the network to identify databases, reducing the time you spend looking for them. You can however manually connect to a database if you have its name and other required login information.

After you connect to the database, it’s smooth sailing when it comes to creating the actual backups. You get to see just how practical SQLBackupAndFTP is when you open the list of destinations it can send the backup to. With it you are able to store the backups in local local and network folders, FTP servers, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive Amazon S3 and SkyDrive services. This is a really good thing because you get a lot of choices which prove practical and easy to access from anywhere you are.

Moreover, you can encrypt and send the backups to more than one of the destinations mentioned above. The application can stay connected to the active databases and you can schedule backups regularly. You can enter the time and day for the backup or load a predefined plan. Since you can’t see when a backup is successfully executed when you are away from the computer, SQLBackupAndFTP can send you an email confirmation after you provide it with details about you emailing account.

Apart from the above mentioned, the application also provides you with a fairly large amount of other settings that can greatly influence not only the speed of the backup processes but also their security.

In closing, SQLBackupAndFTP can indeed help you backup SQL databases with easily and safe, by providing you with such divers storage capabilities.

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