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Defeat your enemies in the arena while everyone is invisible with a variety of special abilities

Arena shooters are fun in short bursts, especially if they feature enough content to be worth going back again and again. However, it’s pretty difficult to innovate in the genre at this point, given the fact that every combination has been tried before. Even so, a bit of creativity is all that’s required in order to come up with something that has everyone excited for the genre again.

Invisible heroes fighting in the arena

Invisigun Heroes is a 2D arcade shooter with a top-down perspective and retro graphics, in which the goal is to defeat your enemies and move as quickly as possible. There’s a twist, however, given the fact that every player is invisible as the action unfolds. This makes it a lot harder to anticipate what’s going to happen, especially when you don’t know where the bullets might come from.

The heroes move in increments from one tile to the other, but it’s actually very smooth and quick, in spite of the obvious limitations. On top of that, movement is actually a very important part of the game, especially since you cannot see your character. The whole thing is even more challenging when obstacles are added to the mix, including water puddles or walls that can be quite annoying.

Special abilities that make every hero feel different

As mentioned before, each character comes with a special ability that can be used to get the upper hand during the fights. These abilities are not overpowered or anything of the sort, but they can be just the thing you need in order to get out of sticky situations. It’s also worth mentioning that heroes become visible for a short while when shooting, which is helpful for both you and the enemies at the same time.

The game is mostly designed to be played in multiplayer, regardless of whether you want to have local matches or go on the Internet to connect with people from all over the world. There are multiple game modes to choose from, and you can choose the desired continent while searching for servers. Granted, it would appear that the fan base is quite small at the moment, so it might take a while to find servers.

A breath of fresh air in the arena shooter genre

All things considered, Invisigun Heroes features enough interesting elements to attract quite the crowd, but it needs more players for the multiplayer component to function as intended. Hence, the long queues are a bit of a bother at the moment, especially since the demo does not feature the single player component.

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