Weekly horoscope: October 19 to 25, 2020 – Today’s week

in the message that Halloween is coming, we see the planets moving, especially on Monday when March (planet of passion) block for Jupiter (planet of abundance), Venus (planet of love) in trine with Jupiter and Mercury (planet of communication) is oppose uranus (planet of abundance).

However, before you run away screaming in horror, These are all good things! Wait for a lucky magic day, mental agility and some good surprises, especially in the areas of love and finances. Good luck

Things get a little tricky when Venus trine Pluto (planet of transformation) on Wednesday. It can be good or bad depending on how you focus your energies. It can be a great day for your career, but a bad day for relationships and romance.

We have reached the peak of the spooky vibrations of Halloween when the sun enters the mysterious and intense Scorpio on Thursday. For the next four weeks, we will feel a more powerful and elusive energy as we explore our inner selves.

The weekend leaves us on a high note when Venus make the trine with Saturn (foundation planet) Saturday, making it a great day to plan ahead.

How the planets will affect your zodiac sign

Weekly horoscope: October 19-25, 2020 - Today week 1


The week will bring you luck at first, Aries. But once the weekend arrives, you will be working without having fun. It's a good time to go shopping.

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Monday will bring some tension (and surprises) to your day. We all know you're not a fan of out of the box events Taurus, so take a deep breath and let it all happen. On Thursday, the cosmos will highlight their relationship for the next two weeks. Prepare to talk about the issues.

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Monday is a great day for launching projects or ideas. You still have a lot of ideas floating around, Gemini, but today we will follow up to make them come true! During the weekend, you will also get excited about a new passion.

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The week brings positivity and light as Venus and Jupiter form a gentle angle. This should help you flirt, because your confidence will go through the roof, Cancer! More than that, it will make you more attractive to others.

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There is an air of success floating around, Leo! With Venus and Pluto making a connection mid-week, the opportunities are plentiful for you. Later, the sun enters your family area and encourages you to be home and spend time with your loved ones.

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Organization is generally a “thing of the Virgin”. Well guess what? Wednesday's Venus-Pluto connection will fuel your love of coordination and rearrangement at home. During the weekend, you can feel more ambitious thanks to the movement of the sun. This should continue for the next two weeks.

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Have you been feeling a lot lately, Libra? There is a reason for this. The connection between Venus and Jupiter on Monday makes you more emotional than usual. Don't avoid asking for help. Thursday, you may be hung up on the details. Try not to let things alarm you; You can handle it.

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Mercury opposes Uranus on Monday and asks him to give up all control. Normally, this is not a Scorpio's favorite pastime, but you'll be glad you did. The sun enters its poster on Thursday, where it will stay for the next two weeks. Kiss him; You will feel more secure than ever!

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On Monday, he asks you if you should really be with someone or not. Make sure the Venus-Jupiter aspect is not overdoing it. Be objective. Easy, Sagittarius. The weekend will be a good time to identify your goals.

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With a few key planets in your sign making different appearances on Wednesday, it's all about work. Your favorite! But when the sun enters Scorpio on Thursday, you might be feeling a little moody, Capricorn. It's normal!

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As a fixed sign, engagement isn't your strong suit, Aquarius. And thanks to Wednesday's Venus-Pluto trine, this tendency will be fully manifested. On Thursday, the sun enters your work area, asking you to redefine your professional goals and what you need.

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This Venus-Jupiter Monday connection inspires you to get creative and really embrace your ideas. Use this energy to start (or end) any art project. As the sun moves towards Scorpio on Thursday, this will also increase your emotional ripples. Keep calm and let the feelings flow, Pisces.

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