The joy of a woman after discovering a room in her house hidden behind a cupboard

A woman's jaw dropped after a DIY project revealed a room hidden behind a closet.

In a video shared online, he explained how they discovered the secret space after demolishing a built-in closet in an attempt to create more space.

The incredible find has gone viral on TikTok in a video that has been viewed over 211,000 times since it was uploaded yesterday.

In the video, she explained, “It's so weird”, before showing the large space adjacent to her bedroom.

In another video, she explains, “This is my mother's room and there is a closet. Her boyfriend moves in and they try to give her a closet.

A photo of a hidden room discovered by a woman after making a small craft
The video has been viewed thousands of times.

“So he knocked down the wall to try to make it bigger and it turns out there's a completely opposite side to the house.”

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Onlookers were jealous of this unexpected find and one commented, “I wish I could find another complete part of my house. I never have a chance.

Another joked, “You have found Narnia.”

A photo of a hidden room discovered by a woman after making a small craft
People were divided over finding the hidden room, as some warned it could be haunted.

Some people weren't sure how the family hadn't found it before, especially since the space had windows.

But the woman said they just hadn't discovered the bonus room while exploring earlier.

She added, “We searched the house up and down for a while and finally gave up.”

Many people have advised you to be careful about using hidden space.

One person asked, “Does anyone else think the previous owners grabbed a spirit in the room and built the wall to hide it and keep it there… or is it just me?”

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Another commented: ‘I'm thinking here about why he was bricked in the first place? What happened in this room?

“Has anyone seen Hill House?”

A third warned: ‘He probably kept a demon there, but since he opened it it's all screwed up.

“Haven't you seen any paranormal movies?”

Follow a terrified owner who decides to lock up a secret room after finding it full of spooky dolls.

Likewise, the woman discovered the property while cleaning a closet, three months after buying the house from an elderly woman.

But that scared her after finding her full of antiques, including a headless doll and several Barbie dolls.

In a final hidden space video, she adds, “This room made me very uncomfortable and I feel really uncomfortable here.”

She added: “After today I decided to lock this room and I think I should go back to those to whom this room also belongs,” before turning to the dolls.


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