Download AddressBook Aid2 Mac 3.3.2 – Download Free

Download Free AddressBook Aid2 Mac 3.3.2 – Download

Simple and easy-to-use tool with extensive sorting capabilities to view and edit the address book database created by the default Apple Contacts application

New features of AddressBook Aid2 3.3.2:

  • Fixed the problem that the drag and drop operation in the “Compare Panel” failed in some cases.
  • When selecting a vCard in the QRCode panel, multiple selection is enabled for the marked value.

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Address Book Assistant 2 Connecting with the default macOS Contacts application allows you to view the contents of the database, filter information according to different conditions, and even edit the content.

Authorize the utility to access the default contact database

In order to be able to use the AddressBook Aid2 application, you need to add the utility to the list of applications that can access the “Contacts” database​​​ macOS comes with a built-in application for storing contact details, but navigating collections can be cumbersome, especially when dealing with large databases.

After granting access to the AddressBook Aid2 application, the utility will scan the information and display the entries in its main window. For each entry, you will see the contact name, email address, phone number, information about social media or instant message ID, nickname, birthday, company, address, etc.

Sort and edit the content of the contact database according to different conditions

It is worth mentioning that, by default, AddressBook Aid2 only activates two of the panes: you need to browse the “Columns” drop-down menu and select the pane to display.

In the main window of AddressBook Aid2, you can select the group you want to use and sort the entries by type (email, phone, address, personal or company information, etc.) or tag (home, work, mobile device, iPhone, homefax) , Workfax, pager, etc.).

In fact, every information field detected by the AddressBook Aid2 application can be used as a sorting option. At the same time, AddressBook Aid2 can generate QR codes that contain contact details, add new contacts or even delete entries.

View and edit multiple entries contained in the contact database

The macOS Contacts application offers you the possibility to store a large amount of information about different contacts, but once the size of the database becomes larger, finding and editing data becomes a problem.

All in all, AddressBook Aid2 is a small application that allows you to view multiple entries at the same time, helps you filter content by different criteria, and allows you to edit or add contact details immediately.

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Download: AddressBook Aid2 Mac 3.3.2 – Download Free 2021 Last Version

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