Download Browserosaurus Mac 14.1.2 – Download Free

Download Free Browserosaurus Mac 14.1.2 – Download

With a simple selector that pops up where the cursor is, select the browser to be used when you click the link anywhere outside the browser

New features of Browserosaurus 14.1.2:

  • Fix #395-List browsers that have been uninstalled in the past-thanks @saneef
  • Fix #394-Copy keyboard shortcut cmd + c does not work
  • Added support for Brave private window-thanks @SENTINELITE

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As we all know, macOS only allows you to use one default browser, which is used to open any type of web content. However, in some cases, you want to open the link in a secondary browser, and this can only be done by copying the URL and pasting it into the address bar of the browser.

Browser Dragon It is a fairly simple application designed to provide you with alternatives. When you click on any link outside the browser, it allows you to choose how to open it. This can be very helpful and very easy to configure.

Never open a link in the wrong browser again

Whether in the office or at home, many people use multiple browsers at once. For example, if you use Firefox to produce products and Chrome for entertainment, how to open the link depends on the type of content it directs you to.

Usually, the only way to handle this situation is to, for example, set Firefox as the default and open the link for Chrome by manually pasting the URL into the address bar. With Browserosaurus, you can select the correct browser every time you click a link.

Choose the right browser for each URL

First, you need to set Browserosaurus as your default browser, because this is the only way to know the link when you click it. After that, whenever you try to open a link, a small pop-up window will appear. Here, all installed browsers will be listed.

You can select the browser you want to use by clicking or pressing the assigned hot key. You can also set one of them as your favorites to make the icon bigger and easier to click. You can also press the space bar to open it.

See exactly what you want to open

In addition to letting you choose the appropriate browser, the app will also display the URL at the top of the screen before attempting to open it. This is useful if you want to ensure that potentially dangerous links are not followed.

Although it is a fairly simple application, Browserosaurus has left a deep impression. If you want to select the browser when you click on the link, that’s exactly what you need, so just go ahead.

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Download: Browserosaurus Mac 14.1.2 – Download Free 2021 Last Version

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