Download Fenêtre Mac 0.8.1 – Download Free

Download Free Fenêtre Mac 0.8.1 – Download

Allows you to keep a window above all other windows on the Mac desktop, which contains all content such as websites, videos or pictures

window It is a simple and easy-to-use macOS application designed to help you keep windows containing videos, documents, photos or websites on top of all other windows on your Mac desktop.

After launching on the computer, Fenêtre will add a status bar menu that allows you to quickly access all its functions with a few mouse clicks.

Click to enter the translucent multimedia window of Mac

Unfortunately, although not required, Fenêtre also added a dock icon, which does not bring any additional features to the application.

Fenêtre allows you to automatically load the mobile version of any website by dragging and dropping the URL onto its status bar menu, but you can quickly switch to the desktop version using the built-in platform switching function of the teaching website.

You can also add any document, photo or video file on your Mac hard drive by dragging it to the menu bar item of Fenêtre. Although it is not mentioned in the Mac App Store description of the app, you can also use it as Audio player.

Always open multiple windows in the top window containing documents, videos, photos or websites

In addition, the full version of Fenêtre allows you to click on the window that is always at the top and use the application’s web browser extension to open the current Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome browser tab.

The windows that you can open with Fenêtre are always on the front and also have customizable opacity, making it easier for you to understand what is happening behind them. Another benefit is that if you no longer need to use them on all other desktop content, you can use Fenêtre to collapse all windows that are set to remain at the top.

Simplified tools to help you always create on the top window of the Mac desktop

Last but not least, the Fenêtre app allows you to open as many windows as you want, and keeps the history so that you can open them again when needed.

All in all, it may be easier to use Fenêtre to pay close attention to the documentation page or provide training videos to get the job done correctly while working.

File down

Always click through the transparent window in the top window Window always click through the transparent window in the top


Download: Fenêtre Mac 0.8.1 – Download Free 2021 Last Version

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