Download Power JSON Editor Mac 2.6.1 Free

Download Free Power JSON Editor Mac 2.6.1

Convenient and user-oriented JSON editor, allowing developers to easily import, export and edit JSON data from Web or PLIST files

New features of Power JSON Editor 2.6.1:

  • The JSON text view now has syntax highlighting!
  • Fix dark mode compatibility of JSON text view

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Powerful JSON editor It is an easy-to-use and simplified Mac application designed for application developers who need to import JSON data from the Web or PLSIT files.

The acronym for JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an open standard format that uses human-readable text to transmit data objects composed of attribute-value pairs. JSON can be used as an alternative to XML to transfer data between the web application and the server.

User-friendly interface for viewing and editing JSON data

PLIST is a file name extension, used by property list files that can store serialized objects. Property list files are usually used to store information about applications and bundled software or user settings.

Power JSON Editor comes with a user-oriented interface from which you can easily import PLIST data as JSON, edit and export it back to PLIST files. The multi-editor panel helps you edit the original JSON text, JSON node and JSON node tree.

Convert and move JSON data between formats and applications

In addition, you can convert the node data type between null, string, boolean and number, wrap the JSON node as an array or object, and then copy, copy, cut and paste the JSON node.

Another powerful feature is the support for drag and drop gestures, which enables you to move JSON data between multiple documents or editing applications. In addition, the built-in search function can help you search for node values ​​and keys or use JSONPath expressions to search.

Simple and easy-to-use small application designed to edit JSON data on Mac

As mentioned earlier, you can import JSON data from the Internet through the “Import” slideshow, import the PLSIT file as JSON, and export the JSON to a PLIST file. Most importantly, the functionality of Power JSON Editor can be easily extended through plug-ins. Therefore, you c an add data format conversion functions, JSON renderers, etc.

If you are an application developer and you need all the features and tools mentioned above, you can purchase, download and install Power JSON Editor through Apple’s Mac App Store with just a few clicks.

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