Everything presented in season 5 of Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 5 "Fortune & # 39; s Favorite" begins May 12 and brings many new changes to the arena, including the start of the thirteenth legend Loba Andrade, the introduction of Season Quests, a new Battle Pass, season 5 ranked, as well as map changes, legends, weapons and loot.

Apex Legends Gameplay Shots

New legend

As seen in a recent trailer, Loba Andrade seeks revenge for the death of her parents. She is armed with skills that allow her to quickly reposition and identify high-level loot for herself and her teammates.

The thieves' best friend Loba's tactical ability allows her to teleport to nearby places by throwing her mother's modified Jump Drive armband (as seen in the game's trailer while running away from ; an almost fatal fall). It will be useful to escape the shots and jump to your enemies.

Her passive ability, Eye for Quality, allows Loba to see the epic and legendary loot through the walls, which means she can quickly explore the area for her teammates when she falls into areas with high loot or enters new places. as you scroll the map.

Finally, Loba's ultimate ability, Black Market Boutique, allows her to shoot her staff and collect all the loot near her inventory. Teammates can take up to two items from inventory, but also enemy legends, so location will be critical. This ability can be seen in its launch trailer as it steals a weapon from enemy reinforcements before teleporting.

Loba's team is appropriate given their thief experience and should be a great addition to any team looking to get good loot from the start. To learn more about Loba's background and tradition, check out our review video.

Changes on the map

Season 5 also brings big changes to King’s Canyon. For starters, Skulltown and Thunderdome, two popular spots for combat and loot, fell into the ocean and were replaced by an excavation site called Salvage as seen at the start of the trailer Other areas of King's Canyon will also be updated, such as the Offshore Rig and Excavated Condenser section which offers an underground path to Singh Labs. These are the first major changes to the menu since season 2, and should give new life to crowded areas.

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Loading towers are also added to the newly excavated sections which grant full end charges to any legend on the platforms when activated. Players will surely challenge these areas early and frequently, so make sure you are ready before entering.

King’s Canyon will be the only map available during the first two weeks after the release of Season 5 to allow players to explore and get to know the new areas. World’s Edge will resume its rotation after this limited period.

Season Quest

One of the biggest novelties of season 5 is the first. Season Quest titled "The Broken Ghost". This mission lasts all season and requires you and your team to hunt down nine mysterious artifacts. Every day, in any competitive game, you will find an adorable treasure pack that will contain Apex packs, Battle Pass experience points, metalworking or the option to participate in the weekly quest of the next artifact.

Each week, a new hunt is unlocked, as well as serialized chapters of history spanning nine weeks. Fighters can be played solo or with squadrons and require you to find and retrieve artifacts while keeping Dangerous Marauders at bay, like the Bloodhound Trials presented in Season 4.

The first hunt begins on May 19 and is available after collecting five treasure packs and continues every week throughout season 5. Once unlocked, you can hunt again as many times as you want so you can try different legends and strategies. There are a total of 45 treasure packs to collect, and you'll have the option to buy additional packs to catch up on if you're late. Each fighter will reward you with a piece of artifact, the next chapter in history, and an exclusive weapon spell.

This Quest season is the closest to a story mode suitable for Apex Legends, which many fans have been asking for since its launch last year.

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Legend changes

Mirage gets a facelift from season 5, which should allow it to be more viable in competitive games. First, its lures now last 60 seconds when deployed and can be controlled, imitating every movement of Mirage. Its maximum capacity behaves in the same way with its lure team copying all the movements of Mirage. Mirage is now hidden using respawn tags and reviving teammates (while hiding the teammate!).

Bloodhound, Crypto, Lifeline, Caustic and Octane receive small benefits, while Gibraltar and Pathfinder will see small nerves on their Dome Shield and Grappling Hook respectively. These changes should bring the power of legends a little closer and allow for more varied team compositions.

Weapon and loot changes

Each season a new set of golden weapons is rotated. These strange drops are fully equipped and extremely powerful if you can get one. This season, you can collect a Golden Longbow DMR, Hemlok, Spitfire, EVA-8 and RE-45.

In addition, the Mastiff will be available as a regular weapon tear with its somewhat reduced power and efficiency. He will take his place as Peacekeeper, who comes out of the regular weapon loot group and will be exclusive to drops of healing packs with his power level adjusted to compensate for its greater rarity. The Peacekeeper has been an extremely powerful shotgun with exceptional range, making it a welcome change.

The last major loot change is a redesign of the drop in gold armor which will now give double shield cells and syringe charges per use, while losing its increased healing speed.

Apex Legends season 5 is sure to make a difference in the arena. What turns you on the most in season 5? Let us know in the comments below, and for everything else Apex Legends, stay with Heaven32.

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