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Optimize your computer’s performance and boost your gaming framerate in a matter of minutes

What’s new in GameSwift

  • Additional fixes around the licensing system and customer names that contain Unicode characters.

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Gaming is not a cheap hobby, given the fact that developers are constantly pushing the limits in regards to graphics quality and the size of the worlds you can explore. Obviously, this forces gamers to keep up with upgraded system requirements by purchasing new components every two or three years, regardless of how expensive or performant their last CPU or GPU was.

Optimize your system to avoid buying new hardware

GameSwift is an optimization tool that aims to help you squeeze the most out of your current hardware and maybe postpone buying new components for a while. The app’s goal is to increase your framerates by boosting your operating system’s speed, which is achieved using a few tweaks and tricks when it comes to how the OS handles files and how it runs games.

You don’t need to be a computer genius to use the application either, given the fact that all you have to do is press one button and wait for the process to be over. Your processor and operating system are automatically detected, and you can opt between a regular boost and a maximum boost, although the latter is only available if you purchase the full version.

Better framerates and faster loading times

GameSwift also tweaks your registry and optimizes the way your OS handles files, so this should technically lead to faster loading times and less staggering while playing. It also uses CPU prioritization in a much more aggressive way, forcing the processor to pay more attention to the application that is currently running in fullscreen mode. Although this does not always make a huge difference, it can have noticeable effects in some cases.

In case you run into trouble because of the new configuration, rescue comes in the form of a restore button, which allows you to put everything back how it was. It’s also worth noting that you need to get accustomed to a slightly uglier Windows interface, because the app disables a couple of animations and effects in order to save memory and processing power.

A good tool for novice gamers looking for extra performance

In the end, GameSwift is not a hardcore overclocking tool, so the results are obviously not the same. On the other hand, it can be operated safely by anyone, regardless of experience, without too much risk of breaking your operating system. Thus, it’s a great choice for casual gamers looking for a bit of an extra kick out of their computer.

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