Mercury retrograde October 2020 Meaning

More precisely, Mercury retrograde. From October 13 to November 3, Mercury get off the moon in scorpion Libra deep and temperamental and relationship-oriented (making the switch between signs on October 23). Meanwhile, everyone (including you) is re-evaluating and rethinking the past. And yes, that means you and your ex are over-analyzing the demise of old relationships … or just emphasizing the best parts.

If your ex hits you, he probably wants a second chance with you. But be careful, don't let the nostalgia for Mercury retrograde invade you. See if they can keep their promises before taking action.

Read your Mercury retrograde horoscope by zodiac signs:


You probably moved F years ago, but your ex still has his feelings about your breakup. Now that you've got over them, they want to go back and close. But he don't wanna give it to her, and it's okay


You are notoriously stubborn, Taurus and find it difficult to see other people's perspective. But that's exactly what your ex wants you to do. They have reappeared in your life to try to get you to see their side of your past relationship issues and to keep the discussion going. Warning: do not hang in there.

Now that you don't mess up your ex's phone (you're a proud quadruple messenger), those rumors get lost… even if your mismatch in communication styles was one of the reasons for the breakup. Yes, they miss your memes. But you should only send them to people who deserve them!

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The moment you and your new boyfriend make them an IG official, your ex will immediately hit your direct messages to try and figure out the full story of your relationship / situation. You are the one who cried when you broke up, but you are also the one who progressed the fastest. You win!


The reason they're coming together is because they miss the high-stakes drama you've brought into their lives, which made them feel less boring and basic. They need to hear a bit of your theater to be entertained. Maybe they will bring it this time.


Your ex is watching your tweets very closely, and as soon as you like the photo of your mutual friend (probably someone you met through them), your ex will text you. Ignore them; they just feel excluded and jealous of your budding friendship with their friends.


TBH, you will only care what your old love is doing if you are single. And the likelihood of that happening is almost zero: you're still in love or dating someone! But if they come close first, you'll be nice and catch up a bit.

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Prepare for in-depth conversations with your ex. They are still recovering from the brutal breakup and want to understand your feelings. Spoiler alert: They won't be able to do this because you protect your heart and your emotions like no other.


You always have to have the last word, and when you broke up with your ex, that painful last word stayed in his heart for months / years. Now they want to make one final comment to show you how you feel.


The moment you post about your fabulous new job or promotion, your ex will contact you, but only to try and gain your success. Be careful with your DMs.


You're generally on good terms with your exes, so it's not uncommon to catch up with them. But during the Mercury moonwalk, conversation can get very seductive very quickly. Warning: they're looking for a low-key connection, so don't expect to get back together.


Most likely, it was you who cheated on your ex because you hate confrontation. But now you're questioning your instinct to break up with them … that's why you'll be the only social network haunting them on IG.

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